Turning Pointe Dance Creations


Turning Pointe Dance Creations(TPDC) is a dynamic brand that serves the dance community with a specific focus on supporting dancers, dance educators and parents of dance students. 












































Resources for the Dance Community

Turning Pointe Dance Creations (TPDC) provides the dance community with classes, clinics, choreography, adjudication services, dancewear, and encouragement.  Our overall goal is to educate and engage student dancers and their parents  while encouraging and empowering dance educators. 

Dance Classes, WERKshops, and Choreography

Turning Pointe Dance Creations offers dance instruction, choreography, skills clinics and adult dance WERKshops. Our professionally-trained dance educators come prepared to bring the joy of dance to every student.

TruStep Dancewear

TruStep Dancewear by TPDC is a unique footwear and apparel brand that answers the dance industry’s demand for footwear, apparel, and specialty merchandise that is fun, unique, and useful. Our product line is designed to be a TRUE representation of today’s dance community.

The Real D.E.A.L

DEAL Lifestyle is a community dedicated to affirming the work, commitment, and impact of dance educators all over the world because Dance Educators Are Legendary! 

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