TruStep Dancewear

TruStep Dancewear is a unique footwear and apparel brand that answers the dance industry’s demand for footwear, apparel, and specialty merchandise that is fun, unique, and useful. Our product line is designed to be a TRUE representation of today’s dance community.

We are a team of dancers, dance educators, and dance parents who are passionate about the art of dance. We design and create every piece with the goal of instilling pride and unity within the dance community.

Our Product Line Includes 

T-Shirts – Tanks – Dance Bags – Hand-Dyed Dance Footwear – AND MUCH MORE! 


The TruStep Hand-Dyed Jazz Boot 

TruStep offers a line of hand-dyed jazz shoes in SEVEN shades, each handcrafted to match a wide variety of skin tones. The shade that matches the best is often slightly darker than your actual skin tone. The perfect match, although not exact, blends on stage to create a beautiful continuous legs line for every dancer. Check our line of dyed footwear HERE.

Check out how “The Blend” looks on stage HERE!

Wear and Tear
The finish on dyed shoes will succumb to wear and tear just like traditional dance footwear. They will scuff, chip, and become soiled. The scuff marks and wear on darker tone shoes will sometimes show as light spots. We have applied a finishing layer that is designed to make the finish as durable as possible. We STRONGLY SUGGEST using this shoe as a performance shoe only if your goal is to reduce the appearance of wear and tear.

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